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Draplin Design Co., North America


REALLY READY: Alright, Spokane, enough’s enough. We’re hopping a cramped puddle jumper tomorrow morning, heading to your fair Eastern Washington city. We’re there on official business, of course! Another speaking fiasco, put on by our buddies at the Spokane chapter of the American Advertising Federation: Tall Tales From A Large Man with the Draplin Design Co.

Be there, Spokane! Have some friends from Coeur d’Alene come down? Or hell, all you Montanans can rip across that Idaho panhandle? Come on over. Walla Walla is invited, too. Why not, right? Do it. LaTray, we are looking at you right now, you muthaeffer!

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01. Sugar - Copper Blue
02. Rough Francis - Demos from the boys…
03. Karp - Action Chemistry
04. Slint - Spiderland
05. Grasshopper and the Golden Crickets - The Orbit Of Eternal Grace

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