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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 14, 2012
Preparing For Spokane
Posted at 09:17 PM


A NEW WEEK, AND WE’RE BACK AT IT: And holy shit, we’ve got a list of shit to tear into. My gawd. And on that list, rather high, is a little something we’ve got going in Spokane this week. Eastern Washington, we are coming for you! Be there! Proof of what we’re jawing about: Tall Tales From A Large Man with the Draplin Design Co.

- - - -

WE ALWAYS GET A JOLT: Whenever Michael links us on the A Continuous Lean site, I get a little jolt. I love that blog. Sometimes, the shit’s over my head, other times, I’m really moved. Great stuff on there, always.

Our little Field Notes memo book archive project/movie/doo-dad link is up, and of course, a couple turkeys got their feathers ruffled by my unsophisticated, sentimental, blowhardable ways. Check the comments for wildness. Wow. Our apologies, you cynical fucks. Sorry we can’t be what you need, at all times. We’re trying, that’s for sure. And dumb as our shit might be, it comes from a good place, and I’m proud of that. So there you go. Thanks, Michael! Always appreciated, man.

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Holy Fuck ! Just read some of those comments ….are you fucking kidding me? Keep kicking ass Draplin !

Posted by: Bill on 05/16/12 at 7:59 AM
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