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Draplin Design Co., North America


GOT UP EARLY TODAY: And presented a logo to a group of guys in town. Can’t say who just yet, but things went well and I’m proud as hell of the first volley! Good group of fellas who listened to my rambling intently. Sorry if this is vague. That’s what we did this morning.

- - - -

THE DAY HAD ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT, TOO: The higher-ups at The Great Discontent tracked me down, and we did an interview. After some technical difficulties, I got my shit together and we yapped for awhile. Watch for it! Coming in June, if my memory serves me correct. In the meantime, read the other 38 awesome interviews they’ve done. Class acts, Ryan and Tina are! And, Michigan blood, too! Band of the hand!

- - - -

AND UP ABOVE: That’s a little something I saw at my very last stop in Charleston, just before Gil whisked me out to the airport. Old poms in a boss package. It was an old sewing shop on a cool, rough-n-tumble street. Still open for business,with the most amazing stock and fixtures and old desks and displays. Thanks, Gil! That was an awesome store to go lurking around in.

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Dude! Band of the Hand shirts! Gotta happen.

Posted by: JW on 06/11/12 at 10:22 PM
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