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May 25, 2012
Kentucky Exit
Posted at 11:15 PM


FLEW BACK FROM KENTUCKY TODAY: Two quickie flights. One to Denver, then another to Portland. I didn’t want to leave The ‘Ville, but will say, that heat/humidity freaked me out big time. I can’t hang with that shit. I don’t know how you guys do it!?

Thank you, Louisville! I had a blast last night. Thank to all who came to the show, bought a poster or came up to shoot the shit. Appreciated, you goddamn Kentuckians!

- - - -

GOT HOME LATE, AND BARELY MADE IT DOWNTOWN: Spiritualized was in town and we caught the show. The place was packed and I think people forgot how to walk around other people. Lots of getting bumped into my busy-looking yahoos looking to get a drink. Honestly, the show was boring as fuck. It was cool to see a couple songs, but those were only the rockers. All that slow shit they were putting out just makes yer feet hurt, and fuck if I’m going to stand through a bunch of droopy, sleep-inducing, slow-crawl songs. Yawn. Entertain me, Spaceman! Or fuck, I’ll just listen to the record at the house. Shoulda just done that and saved the $50 for Leigh and I to go. Yawn.

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