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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 02, 2012
Heading North, Real Soon
Posted at 11:59 PM


BEFORE WE SPLIT, WE PACK IN A LIVE “SONG AND DANCE” SHOW: Tonight was Lambchop night, and they played a beautiful, soft set at the Doug Fir. Piano Tony was in fine form of course, kinda freaking me out with his jokes and seemingly short patience with the hecklers in the crowd. The guy looked a little diabolical. Long tour? Pull it together, Tony!

There was a big tour bus outside the place, and I assume that was for the band. Looked pretty comfortable. Hope the rest of the tour goes well, Lambchoppers!

- - - -

TOMORROW NIGHT, VANCOUVER: “Tall Tales From A Large Man” with the Draplin Design Co.”

- - - -


01. Lambchop - Mr. M
02. Lambchop - Oh (Ohio)
03. Lambchop - Nixon

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