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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 27, 2012
Big Week Before A Big Week
Posted at 04:37 PM


GONNA BE A WILD WEEK: We’ve got our mitts into a lot of stuff all the sudden. After some time asleep Coal and Union are at the door and knocking hard. Okay, okay. Let’s slay it. Plus other stuff. Shit coming to a head. Logos getting started. DDC merch being sent. Things are happening. But that’s the stuff that’s “on the clock.”

This Friday, we start our DDC Spring Tour. Savannah, Minneapolis and Denver! A poster show and two Tall Tales From A Large Man speaking fiascos.

Saturday, we’ll be in Savannah, Georgia, sweatin’ in out in the swamp at the Bandwagon poster and record show. Two days! Trefry had been on my case about coming back to Savannah for sometime, so this sounded like the perfect deal. Rock posters and a record show. Done. We’ve got a booth will be selling our spirited posters and DDC hard goods at “Savannah-Only” cut-rate, rockbottom prices. Stuff the great southeast needs! Seriously.

Very fired up! Burlesque and Aesthetic Apparatus, Halftone Def will be there too, along with tons of other poster heavies. Excited to bump elbows with the greats! And, dig through bins of records. Can’t wait.


Here’s the interview, if you are inclined to give it a read.

- - - -

FROM SAVANNAH, WE WHIP UP TO MINNEAPOLIS: We’ve got official business at the Walker Art Center! Yeah, us. Hard to believe, right? Here’s the official link for the gig: “Insights: AaronDraplin, Draplin DesignCompany, Portland,Oregon.”

Click that link. How about that shit? Us, speaking at the Walker! Those guys are smart. High art, and other stuff I grapple with.

The shit goes down Tuesday night! Bringing up the low end of the Walker’s speaking roster! Believe it. I’ve got hotel receipts and everything. Try us. Next Tuesday, Minneapolis! Someone invite Paul Westerberg. And Grant Hart. Hell, maybe even Pirner. Nah, not Pirner.

- - - -

FROM MINNEAPOLIS, WE WHIP OVER TO DENVER: Into the elevation we climb: “DDC vs. Denver: Tall Tales From A Large Man” One night only, high as hell on all that altitude. Smiling bigger than John Elway’s toothy grin. Be there. Or else.

Special “Colorado Collected” poster whipped up just for the event! Next Thursday, Mile-High motherfuckers!

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Shit man, that’s close. I might just skip work and not have a repeat of last year when I punked out on you in Lincoln to work for the man at 6/hr.

seriously, i’m gonna talk to the real boss lady (my wife) and see if I can’t be ‘sick’ and haul ass west on I-34 to the mile high city.


bob dale F

Posted by: bob dale on 02/28/12 at 8:51 AM

Dude, have fun down in ye old Savannah. As a SCAD grad, I always love it when radness that I like comes together. Much like a perfect pb&j sandwich.

As well, if you have any merch leftover from that… throw some up on the internets!
thanks - jennlevo

Posted by: jennlevo on 02/28/12 at 1:54 PM
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