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MADISON, WE ARE ON THE GROUND, AND READY: We’ll be delivering a spirited telling of our road-tested “Tall Tales From A Large Man” traveling roadshow speaking fiasco this after for Design Madison’s Make Shit! Conference! I like the sound of that one.

And, we’ve got a Wisconsin poster we just unleashed, not an hour ago. Selling like crazy, already. Everything we’ve ever loved about Wisconsin, pounded in a sheet of 18” x 24” French Speckletone “Starch Mint” green! So big.

Shit goes down at 3:15 in the P.M. at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. You oughta see that building. Nice digs!

Be there, Madison!

Thank you to Jim And Jen Remsik for rolling the dice on the DDC!

Special thanks to South Carolina’s The Half and Half for PERFECTLY printing that Wisconsin poster. The colors were NAILED. Thank you, friends! Perfect. Feels so good. Hell, I’m gonna frame one up.

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Dude, I cannot thank you enough for coming out and speaking at MAKSH!T ,and just helping myself (and hopefully others) to realize that doing what you love will give you the greatest amount of satisfaction. And to not get caught up in the hoity toity design world where you can be looked down upon if your pants are not tight enough, and just do what you do and go after the jobs you want.

Posted by: Dan Christy on 07/12/13 at 3:22 PM

gonna need one of these, even if I usually claim MN, i’m living in that “cheese curds” block right now.

Posted by: coleslaw on 07/12/13 at 7:51 PM

And the piece de resistance? The UW-Eau Claire logo slightly larger than UW-Madison. Yes.

Posted by: Nate on 07/13/13 at 10:19 AM

I’m gonna need one of those Wisconsin posters. Add it to your merch store and take my cash!

Posted by: Jay Owen on 07/14/13 at 6:03 PM
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