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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 13, 2012
Tonight, Charleston, SC!
Posted at 02:19 AM


SECOND SHOW GETTING GOING REAL SOON, CHARLESTON: Tonight’s the night, Charleston! Gil whisked us down here from Columbia in high style earlier this afternoon. Had a nice time shooting the shit with one of Charleston’s greatest designers. Not to be messed with. Anyone fucks with Gil, and just know, they fuck with the entire DDC! Fact.

Okay, settle down…here’s the nasty details for tonight’s seaside show:

“Aaron Draplin - Design Talk in Charleston”
Friday, April 13, 2012, 6:00 PM
301B King Street
Charleston, SC 29401

- - - -


SOLD A TON OF THEM LAST NIGHT TO THE FOLKS IN COLUMBIA: They loved them, and you will too. We’re calling it: “Super South Carolina” and we’ve packed EVERYTHING we love about The Palmetto State in there. Believe it! The good people of Columbia’s The Half and Half fiercely took the project on, and man, our hearts are swelling with pride.

You need this, South Carolina! We printed a shitwhack of the things, and will be offering them at “South Carolina Only” prices tonight at the gig. 18” x 24”, which is easily-framed, and will spruce up everything from the high country shack to that low country beach shanty. Add a little color to yer domicile with one of our spirited “Super South Carolina” posters. Do it. Going fast!

- - - -

WAIT, SHIT, CHECK THIS OUT: Buddies Charlie, Bill and Kevin are coming up from Savannah! Hell yeah, you beasts! Front row seats!

- - - -

WE NAME OUR COLORS WHATEVER WE WANT: Four colors on the thickest paper in the Carolinas!

01. “High Country Midnight Navy”
02. “Atlantic Ocean Vista Blue”
03. “Southern Sunset Coral”
04. “Palmetto Haze Light Blue”

- - - -

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Gene Crawford, AIGA South Carolina, Gil Shuler, The Half and Half, palmetto bugs, civil war ghosts, downtown Charleston, the taco joint we ate at this afternoon, that big bridge that connects the peninsulas and the Charleston Place hotel right downtown, which is a hellhole flophouse. (Just kidding! So much antebellum, lace, floral patterns and bitchy, perfumed prize-wives running around this place talking about where to go shopping! My kind of people!)

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Be sure to drop down to Savannah. The design school there has riddled that little town with sweet type and wicked marks. I recently hit the open road in the states a couple of months ago and dominated the entire east coast, bottom to top back down the bottom. Hit the i-81 south on the way back. What a dream come true. Love your work, mate!

Posted by: D.D. Cunningham on 04/13/12 at 4:16 PM

Best of luck in Charleston ! What a cool town. Is that a Social Distortion reference on the S.C. poster?

Posted by: Bill on 04/14/12 at 6:53 PM

How do I buy one of these?

Posted by: George on 04/16/12 at 9:22 AM
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