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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 25, 2012
Thank You, FITC!
Posted at 10:41 AM



TORONTO, THAT WAS FUN: Thank you, FITC! I had a big ol’ blast. Met so many cool people! Saw wild talks. Gave a couple wild talks. Had fun. Ate like a king. Enjoyed a nice hotel room! Much appreciation!

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No one leaves comments?

Your blog is a good time. Sweet on me eyes too.

Not a designer, just an onlooker. Maybe a wannabe. I’m new to you Mr. Draplin. Caught on with your 50 points talk/video from the creativemornings Portland gig. Great stuff.

All my life in Portland, now in KC.

Just thought you were a right on guy doing some right on stuff and wanted to tell you so.

I am sure lots of people say that, but I never have and you deserve to know that your work inspires me. Me, a midwest transplant looking for new roads.

Come to KC sometime.
Or, I’ve got time, maybe you need an intern/underling/disciple or someone to teach a few things to and follow you around a bit. Help get things done. I’m good enough, and smart enough and people like me.
Maybe we’d be friends.

Maybe I’ve said too much. Doesn’t matter. It’s true. Wasn’t meaning to pitch myself.

Regardless, I am reading and looking at your stuff and I dig it.

Plus, I’ve had blogs, and getting comments is awesome.

Posted by: Shawn on 04/26/12 at 1:13 PM
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