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March 18, 2012
An Old Airstream Hat
Posted at 01:24 PM


SO IT GOES: So here’s a little nugget I discovered on eBay the other day, and of course, the bells go off in that “I hafta have it” kind of way, right? Blaring. Well, then you look over in the listing, and you see the price, and the bells go silent: The parasitic turkey seller wanted $79.99 for it.

Who do they think they are? Who gives them the right to charge that sort of coin for this shit? Science? Birthright? Vo-Tech Graduation Certificate? None of the above. Some turd sitting on an incredible pile of old hats, trying to make a buck. Bums me out. Everything was $39.99 and above. Not cool. I’ll stick to finding them for a quarter in some flea-bit thrift store or whatever.

But, man, that hat is pretty majestic.

There is One Comment

Swear to god I saw the same hat and had the same reaction…wanted it until I saw the price. Fuckin’ idiots. Hey thanks for signing the logos poster for me. Dana Mackenzie was just hear drinking my beer and brought me the poster. Putting it up on the wall here at Hawk HQ right now.

Take care,

Posted by: Jaimie Muehlhausen on 03/21/12 at 2:50 PM
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