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January 03, 2012
Space People For Little Remy
Posted at 11:49 AM


FOR THE KIDS: When little Remy comes to visit, we kinda hang on his every word. I mean, hell, it’s just within the last couple months that he’ll actually come and talk to me man to man. He’s three, and I’m 38, so, yeah, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

So when he’s in the shop and giving Goo guff, I’ll lure him over to my corner and we’ll make little things to keep him preoccupied. That’s what you are seeing up above. Little space people for him. That’s Remy, Goo and Dottie their dog. Then we made a paper airplane, and threw it out the window.

See, I’ve got a heart and am nice. Some proof, you fucks.

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