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THE SOUND IS SO HUGE: Had a HELL of a time seeing Portland’s Pierced Arrows, an aging, graying Scratch Acid and the glorious wall of sound that is Dinosaur Jr. Just incredible.

Thank you to Kelly Halliburton for a fun night out. Much appreciated, man!

There is One Comment

That show was so sick! My ears are still bleeding from J’s Triple Double stack show setup. Did you catch his guitar tech changing one of his Marshall Plexi heads cause he blew it up. He turned around to turn it up if you can believe that and the light was off.

He actually seems to use a Fender Super Reverb aimed at his face as a stage monitor or something. Also Scratch Aid blew me away, call me crazy but I like them better than The Jesus Lizard. Hate mailers save your ink and don’t take my comments out on Draplin!

Posted by: Faz on 12/24/11 at 10:59 PM
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