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December 02, 2011
Back To London From Manchester
Posted at 08:57 PM


The gig went great in Manchester! Had a good, spirited crowd at the Islington Mills. Thank you, guys. So much. I had a great night there. So much fun. Such a cool building with good grit and ghosts. Thank you, Mancusians!

Even got to go record shopping in the cool part of Manchester. That was awesome. Rescued the following slabs:

01. Black Sabbath - Vol. 4 Weird German pressing with swirl labels
02. Blue Explosion - Extra Width Super 200gm slabs. Thick as fuck!
03. Sonic Boom - Spectrum Cool ass cover!

Thank you to Gina Hewitt for quite possibly the best logistical support ever. Keep those eyes on Brimfield!

And Brenden Dawes! Thank you for my very own POPA. I used that thing all over London! Just incredible, man. Thank you for rolling the dice on the DDC, the incredible introduction at the gig and for the mindblowing opportunity with the BEEP and POPA logos. Great meeting you. Wow.

I took a beautiful train up and down to Manchester. Got to sit in the first class section, so jetlagged and talking a mile-a-minute to Casey and Blake on the way up, and all by myself, drooling while sleeping, on the way back. Beautiful English countryside. All Hobbit-ish and stuff. Shires. Old fences and stones and stuff.

Got back into London and made my way to Notting Hill. Got in my room, then met up with The Reason magazine’s Ian Sansom to talk a little shop. Great, great snowboarding mag from the U.K., that transcends, well, all of them out there. That sort of “great.” Or, fuck, I wish this mag was around when I was a little shred rat all concerned about all of it. There you go. I read both issues cover-to-cover on the plane. Now I know about a bunch of scrub shred blokes from places I can’t pronounce.

Had a great supper of fish-n-chips with Keri and Dan at Geale’s restaurant. Word was they had the “best fish-n-chips” in London. That meal did not disappoint. I destroyed my big hunk of cod. So good. I might officially be on a cod kick now. Get me a piece of fish!

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