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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 08, 2011
Work Station: Outfitted
Posted at 06:19 PM


TODAY WAS THE DAY: A bunch of incredible Field Notes action showed up. Stuff I can’t comment on just yet, but one little doo-dad that I can’t say enough about: Our “2012 18-Month Workstation Calendar!” Gigantically back in stock and shipping all over the globe! Revamped, retooled and better than ever. 18 months to tear off. Sturdy construction. Comprehensive, spirited list of “Real Big Days” on the back. Thick ink on the strongest chipboard, just about ever. No expenses were spared in the construction of the item at hand. You need one!

Get one before they are gone! Act now.

- - - -

YOU COULDN’T HANDLE THIS KIND OF “BUSY”: But then, maybe you could? I’m caught in bit of a perfect storm right now. Coal’s new catalog build is in high gear, and Union’s is just starting up. Headwear vs. Hardgoods vs. Heavy Handed Henchmen. Big battle. Big force. Phew.

Hence the lack of updates on here. Hench the lack of Tweetage. My time is being chomped up by these pages, and that’s just all there is to it. November is “that kind of month” for us. Always has been. Damn. Nose to the grindstone, with no light at the end of the tunnel. We wake up each day and dig back in. This is what we always say. “Broken record,” right? Sorta.

Tonight, we start in on 40 bindings for Union. Clips, color correcting and “picking flyshit out of pepper.” No pixel goes unchecked. That’s a lot of bindings.

- - - -

NO ONE TELLS ME NOTHING: I’m just learning about this site right here: Film On Paper, all about awesome movie posters, complete with big details to check out, and factual information, and hell, quite a collection to boot. Beautiful layout, too.

Now you know, too! Funny how this stuff works. So, hell, thanks to the bitchin’ Twittering of Signalnoise, I got lucky and got to dig around in it. Thanks, James!

- - - -


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