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Went to Epcot yesterday with Leigh. With all cynicism aside, we had a pretty good time. Whatever I experienced at 11 years old had stuck with me for 25 years and I wanted to see the place again. I remember feeling excited about the future as a youngster all over the park. At 36, the main thing I’m feeling is a couple of tired-ass feet after pounding all over the park. I just remember the place being cool as hell to me, and futuristic and fun and special. The highlight of the day was the “height of ’80s technology” Spaceship Earth ride. Just as awesome as it was in ‘86.

Plus, just seeing kids having fun is always oddly comforting. Excited little brats…whirling, buzzing and so pumped and alive. Yesterday’s visit was an attempt at remembering that technicolor feeling. Being a kid! It’s fucked how you forget it. Sad, really.

Graphically, there was no remnant of the parks incredible initial look and feel. Of course, I expected just that. Oh, the camera shop under the Epcot globe looked like it weathered any of the shitfuck redesign that went down whenever it went down. I have always loved those logos. Always will. Thank you Walt Disney World, for that alone. I like to think Epcot was something that made me want to be an artist, or, “maker” and eventually a designer.

Oh yeah, Nelson was playing the music garden in America Land or whatever it was called on the “Tour of the World” walk thing. That Nelson. Wow. Comments withheld.

We ended out our big day foraging for grub on the Universal City Walk. Before I go and condemn it’s “painfully-corporate-mallrat-dudes-struttin’-hollywood-clothes-and-eyeballin’-hot-chicks-“woo-hoo*-ing”-in-the-Jimmy-Buffet-themed-cabana-cafe-faux-good-time-theme-park-crass-commercialism-nightmare” motherfucker of an atmosphere, I’ll just say, the desperation of landing any kind of square meal in the lateness of the hour guided us in to the brightest spot off the highway. There you go.

*See number No. 26 on our spirited “Things We Hate” list. Always adding stuff!

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I found your description of city walk SPOT ON and HILARIOUS!!! haha. I love how you just call it liek you see it! Thanks for coming down, I really everythign you had to say!

Posted by: Gabe Shockey on 04/21/10 at 10:27 AM
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