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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 11, 2010
Or Local Pickup Available
Posted at 04:52 PM


DALE, YOU FUCK, YOU FIND ALL THE COOL SHIT: “You are looking at a state of Michigan-shaped potato chip. Slightly burnt area could be Traverse City. Found in my Kroger-brand bag of chips. Chip will be boxed and shipped via priority mail to avoid damage or local pickup available. Thank you for looking!!”

Dale had this to say about this one: “If I was in Michigan, I’d buy it and show up with some french onion dip and eat it.” There you go, people.

- - - -

ALWAYS GOOD TO VISIT THIS ONE: LesterBeall.com. American designer. Made this all-time logo. I wrote a paper on him in college, and learned many, many lesson. Incredible guy, incredible body of work. (Spotted on Coudal.com, on their main page!)

- - - -

I HAVE BEEN ON A QUEST IN THIS REALM FOR SOME TIME: “Zeroing out” my fucking inbox! DigiDave in Boulder first tipped me off to this term, as I sat in front of him crying my eyes out about my ongoing email woes. I do my absolute best to answer every email. And, I have a hell of a time letting emails die, or, just deleting them. Someone took the time to write, and there’s old-fashioned sense in me that feels disrespectful to ignore it, miss it, forget, whatever.

So I’ve been on a quest to zero out my inbox. I’m down to right around 40 emails left in the box each day. I was right around 100 for about six months, which was mind melting. I don’t know what my daily incoming averages are, but man, it’s always a battle.

Chipping away, daily. And when I am done, I can get myself a Nerd Merit Badge for “Zero Emails.” For my sash. Wow. All these words for that. Bit of a swindle.

- - - -

BEEN OVER A DECADE SINCE WE’VE LISTENED TO THIS: Deerheart’s “Queen, Worker, Drone.” Burly shit.

- - - -

WE UPDATED OUR “PROUD CUSTOMER” GALLERY: And you can see all kinds of wicked folks repping DDC gear by clicking right here. Get in there. Get fired up. Buy some DDC Merch. You need this stuff.

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01. The Mono Men - 10 Cool Ones
02. Chuck Prophet - Dreaming Waylon’s Dreams
03. Deerheart - Queen, Worker, Drone

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Yo AD, not to get all nerdy on ya but check out ‘Getting Things Done’ by Dave Allen. Inbox to zero is yours to grab. It’s an info-Zen approach to the mountain of email. Good luck.

Posted by: Mike on 03/11/10 at 6:45 PM
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