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It is snowing out. Very quiet out there.

- - - -

Listening to/watching lots of movies, in the peripherals, while working out of my parent’s living room.

Late last night I watched Kramer vs. Kramer. Real late, real sad. Little Justin Henry, making me choke up at 4am. I met him once, on a movie set. No time for that tale right now. Little fucker.

Today was Cape Fear day. Dad and I watched it, squirming. Man, powerful shit. Max Cady will haunt my dreams tonight.

- - - -

Matt Rezac updated awhile back. Some beautiful work on his site. Really impressive Walker Arts Center stuff.

- - - -

Man. Insane amounts of talent here: iamalwayshungry. Gigantically impressive.

- - - -

Evan, you creep, these auctions are right up yer alley,

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