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February 08, 2007
Dad Flies In Today
Posted at 05:10 PM


Today’s the day: Dad time. Got some big plans for the weekend, you creeps.

Even bigger plans are being drawn up for this spring: I’m getting the hell out of Portland for a couple months. That’s the best way to put it. Where am I going? For starters, I’m off to Traverse City to hang with the parents for some time. No specified amount, just, when I can’t take their shit anymore, I’ll be off and on to the next town.

- I plan on seeing some relatives in Detroit.
- I’ll be sipping bourbon with P.J. down in Louisville. You can bet yer ass on that one.
- I’ll be posting up at Ryno’s pad in Minneapolis for at least a good week or so.
- Might pass through Cincinnati.
- Might do a couple nights in Chicago.
- Got a nasty itch for a couple days in Knoxville.
- Maybe even over to Atlanta for a night. Hard to say.
- And, just for the hell of it, I’m going to Austin too, to crash the SXSW thing. I got no business there, but, want to see it go down just once.

More threats once dad arrives and we figure shit out.

- - - -

Here’s the whole Wurstminster show, up and alive on the web.

- - - -

Some greatness here: Life of the Mind.

So good.

- - - -

Jennifer Sherowski. Good gal. Good last name. Good writing. Hire her.

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