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Fate, please don’t make Miles City my future home. 150 miles from the North Dakota border, and, a couple hundred miles from anything else, this city only looked good in our rearview mirror, racing the hell outta there. The highlight of our departure was our breakfast at the 600 Club.

052. “Great breakfast, shitty sign.”
053. “Glassy eyes and cold, dead stares upon our arrival.”
054. “A treasure in downtown Miles City.”
055. “The best part of Eastern Montana’s downtown Wibaux.”

And into North Dakota we went…

056. “A lonely sign, surrounded by vast nothingness.”
057. “Lots and lots of miles of moments like this.”

We did a little junkin’ in Bismarck. Not too much else to report. Pretty glad I don’t live there.

058. “First aid kits.”
059. “Legal tender.”
060. “Pa-Ko.”
061. “Hang yer hat here.”
062. “C Bar K Ranch.”
063. “F.W. Tunnel and Company.”
064. “Microscope icon.”
065. “Golden Rule Blend.”

Every North Dakota I-94 run requires a stop at Salem Sue’s.

066. “Sue.”
067. “Sue, up close.”
068. “Lactose-Intolerant.”
069. “Out back.”

We drove all the way until Jamestown and called it a night. We cruised the downtown some, lookin’ for action. We didn’t find anything.

070. “Downtown Jamestown, North Dakota.”

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