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Pushing off today, due East, all the way back to Michigan. This is our “Winter Tour” where we head back to that Midwest for family time, adventure, square meals and a stable home unit for graphic arts projects for our strong roster of clients.

The first leg of our Winter Tour is loosely called, “Three Men and A Gary.”

01. Aaron James Draplin - Pilot, Navigation, Threats.
02. Jim Draplin - Co-Pilot, Backup, Morning Wakeup Call.
03. Big S the Passat Wagon - Rig, A Proud 106,000 miles
04. Gary Draplin - Cockpit Squirrel, Climbing All Over, Barking.

Get back to Traverse City, Michigan in one piece.

01. Enjoy hanging out with Dad and Gary and Big S.
02. Take roads that “don’t make sense” and are “downright dangerous.”
03. Starting off with Oregon’s Columbia River run, then up towards Spokane through the Southeastern corner of Washingon state, across the panhandle of Northern Idaho, down through Missoula in the mighty Montana, out into the barren deathlands of Eastern Montana, across the cold awesomeness of North Dakota, down into Minnesota to Minneapolis, across Wisconsin, down into Chicago to “do some business” then around the horn, pass Gary, and up to Traverse City. Like that, but, with lots of stops, detours and trouble.

Last time I did this run was in ‘98, hightailing it down from my Alaskan summer, to Oregon to grab ny gear, then out into the country on I-94 back to Minneapolis to start up some Art Schoolin’. Really.

- - - -

To get us fired up, dad and I clicked on some of these road-doggin’ links:

“Remember Tucumcari, dad?” I asked. “Sure do, son.” the old man replied. We hit this town on the 2004 DDC Fall Tour. Great name for a town. (via the amazing WeMakeGraphics)

We’re making a list: Roadside America.

Speaking of fellow barbarians: A mess of Conan the Barbarian paperback covers.

- - - -

Today’s initial run proved uneventful. After a little bit of scrambling around the house, we managed to push off, have one last hearty Tosis meal and were out on I-84 burning up road.

Been a little nervous about the time of year and all with roads and conditions and such. This time of year is kinda risky for smooth sailing. It poured for the first 70 miles out of the trip, cleared up, hit a balmy 64 degrees in Pasco, Washington, and stayed bone dry all the way up to our Spokane hotel room.

Called it a night by celebrating our departure with a safe, family meal at Marie Callender’s. Ah, the road.

A good, safe Day 01. Tomorrow we head over into Idaho to cross that famed panhandle, drop down into Montana and start chipping away at the big state.

Hauling ass. Once we get our wits, we’ll post some proof of our journey.

There is One Comment

Good Luck Men! If you get bored in Minneapolis, or get mugged by some ornery Norwegians gimme a ring. 612-781-2950. You can collect your green in person and kick it NE-style with the Hornquist clan if you are so inclined. (remember I’ll be in Colorado 20th-21st)

I’ve been tracking the package and it’s in town as of today, so I expect Brown to show up tomorrow! I am totally stoked and very glad I emailed you.

God be with ye.

Posted by: Mike H. on 02/15/07 at 7:15 PM
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