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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 15, 2011
DDC August, Day 15: Slug Life
Posted at 06:16 PM


JESS SAVES OUT BUTT…AGAIN: With the pellet images above. Air gun slugs. Has a good sound to it.

Here’s a story for you dicks: I had a BB gun at the age of 11. Went and shot a little bird off a wire. It bled the most miniscule, little stream of blood from the wound. Dead. All small and cute and I took its life. I still think about that bird and feel horrible. My novice hunting days came to an end with that stupid transaction. My one and only kill.

See, you learn something every fuckin’ day on the DDC! Learn from our mistakes. Thanks, Jess. Let’s go junkin’ soon. Serious.

- - - -

BEEN LISTENING TO THAT NEW GILLIAN ALBUM A BUNCH: And our buddies at Burlesque are going to be releasing a print of the album artwork. That’s awesome. I want one!

- - - -

I WANT TO LIVE TO BE 150 YEARS OLD: And I want to have a big fucking library with all my books. I’m on my way. I’ve already outgrown the incredible 42 cubicle wall shelf that my buddy Dave Seaone built for me.

Here’s another idea: An answer to “never having enough space.”

I’m gonna build a house someday. And it’s gonna be filled with all my treasures. And I’m going to die there, surrounded by all my rad shit. Take this one to the bank.

- - - -

WE USE PENCILS ALL DAY LONG: For all kinds of things. Like chewing on, pointing at shit, prodding stuff…along with sketching up whatever logo project we’re battling on the pages of our Field Notes. Our buddy Ben from Cocoabox sent in a link we love: The Pencil Pages.

Been there a million times, but it’s a good reminder to trust in the good wood. Love those graphics. Hard to beat, really.

Check out the wicked “M” character on those Mongol pencils. Serious moves, there. Thanks, Ben!

- - - -

WHAT WE LISTENED TO A BUNCH TODAY: Stephen Malkmus, from his roost in Portland made these with those Jicks: “Mirror Traffic” streaming on NPR. (National Public Radio, people.)

- - - -


01. Idaho - Three Sheets To The Wind
02. Idaho - This Way Out
03. MC5 - ‘66 Breakout
04. Maserati - Inventions For The New Season
06. Stephen Malkmus - Mirror Traffic

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favorite blog on the internet, seriously.

Posted by: bob dale on 08/15/11 at 8:16 PM

i have the exact same bird/bb gun story. same age, same name. WEIRD.

Posted by: aaron w. on 08/16/11 at 6:41 AM
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