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Draplin Design Co., North America


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: City of Brotherly Love: We are coming to you! We’re bringing our roadshow this fall to you, Philadelphia! We’re bringing our A-Game, armed with tall tales, hot air, scientific proof, inspiring sentimentalism and even some truth. All are invited. Tell a friend. One night only.

Some time ago, one Steve DeCusatis contacted us with this offer: “That speaking thing you do…what you got going on in September? Come to Philadelphia, man. What’s it gonna take?”

Not ones to back down from any challenge, we blindly accepted and inked a deal with DeCusatis Enterprises. Just like that.

And Philadelphia, let these words cement this little engagement: Aaron Draplin of the Draplin Design Co. presents “Tall Tales From A Large Man.”

Our little speaking fiasco, coming to yer town. Officially. Hell or high water.

Like we were saying, this shit’s official. Steve even revved up a Kickstarter for the event! And so-help-me-Ben-Franklin, you better get behind this on: Here’s where shit gets going.

This little talk is in the same spirit of our Texas talk. A couple of brave Texas rangers‚€”Bart and Josh‚€”call us up and promise this and that, with a wink. No affiliations. No big hubbub. Just the three of us, making it happen. I was very down with that. And tat talk went off with a bang! All proceeds go to plane tickets and a seedy hotel out by the airport. Plus, Leigh’s coming as backup. She’ll be running the merch table. And believe me, she’s got a real “Colonial Philadelphia” fever thing going. That girl want to see all of it. And we will.

Merch, you say? Holy fuck. We’ve already broke ground and wind on a super Philadelphia poster! It was going to be a Pennsylvania thing, but man, Philadelphia just kept coming up and up. There’s too much to draw from there. We started with Independence Hall and at the last pass, was digging up weird transit logos and shit. We’re going deep into Philly. Just you wait. So yeah, the show will be HEAVILY STOCKED with MUST HAVE Philladelphia-inspired merch. All for you. Stuff you need. Our word on this one.

So there you go! DDC vs. Philly! Reserve yer seat now, Patriots!

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Bummed I can’r make it to my “home state” for this one Draplin, but pencil me in for a poster for sure!
Rocky would be proud …

Posted by: Michaylira on 07/20/11 at 6:55 AM

Hello Colorado!!!! Denver…..
seriously come here!

Posted by: Mark Beresniewicz on 07/20/11 at 7:57 AM
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