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Draplin Design Co., North America

The cover of the UK digipak release.

OUR SECOND FULL LENGTH FOR OUR FAVORITE PORTLAND BAND: We inked a deal some months back with the top brass of Richmond Fontaine, with the DDC handling all graphic duties for the epic backwoods beauty The High Country.

Well, those months whipped by and Willy showed up at the shop with proof that our hard work back-and-forth panned out. The disc looks great! There’s a bunch of cool promotional stuff too for their September U.K. tour, so that was fun to see too. I can’t wait to see the album. That’s cookin’ up in the U.K., too! So awesome.

I’m just proud as hell to work for these guys. Seriously. I show them a bunch of stuff, they chew on it, I go back it, they chew on it some more, and after a bit, we’ve nailed it. Science, people.

Have a good tour, fellas! Be safe out there and give those Brits hell!

Willy and Aaron celebrate the printed piece, and related marketing materials.

- - - -

THE MERCURY PREPS THE NEW ALBUM: “Richmond Fontaine to Release The High Country in September”

- - - -

Richmond Fontaine - Lost In The Trees (The Line of Best Fit Session) from The Line Of Best Fit on Vimeo.

SPEAKING OF VIDEOS: Fred and I lent our services to the Richmond Fontaine enterprise a month ago, as doubles for the stateside version of the “Lost In The Trees” video that’s being worked up right now. Professional actors, we are. We drove out to Willy and Lee’s spread out in Scappoose, where the trees look down upon you whichever way you look. Real big. Beautiful country. An awesome afternoon meeting all the band folks, family and friends. Proud to help out!

- - - -

THERE’S A 7-INCH OUT THERE FROM IT: And man, they are beautiful. You need one of these: Lost In The Trees/The Eagles Lodge.

- - - -


01. Richmond Fontaine - The High Country
02. Richmond Fontaine - The High Country
03. Richmond Fontaine - The High Country
04. Richmond Fontaine - Clearcuts
05. Richmond Fontaine - Clearcuts
06. Richmond Fontaine - Clearcuts

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