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WEIRD SCRAPING SOUNDS, IN MY MOUTH: Got the teeth cleaned this morning. 7 in the AM. bright and early. Man, that hygienist really kicked my mouth’s butt. Sounds weird. You get the picture. That scraping, pressure was pretty surreal. She hit a couple tender spots way in the back, by my wisdom teeth and man, I sorta saw stars. Ouch.

This was phase one of my long, long overdue “deep cleaning.” Next week, she’ll polish and tune everything up, and friends, this big mouthbreather will be back on the road to dental perfection. It’s not like things were really that out of whack, but, I just let it go too long…way too long…and I’m finally getting right with the dental arts. Feels good.

Then, in a couple months when my hole is healed over, I’ll look into a bridge, or a titanium rod cap thing. Or, I might just leave the gap. Mind the gap. Still thinking on it.

Here’s fun search, just to get you in the mood of brushin’ and flossing a couple times a day.

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MAKE YOUR OWN CREST: All about international heraldy. Wow. Here’s an idea for a summer day: Read this link, design up a heraldic badge for yer family, then go sack some neighboring cul-de-sac or something. Big fun. Maybe, in the name of God or some bullshit king. Wait, that’s a bad idea.

(Thanks, Styk, you big Nebraskan bastard!)

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ANOTHER COOL ONE FROM NEIR: A little photo project called “Astronaut Suicides.” Check this one out. Weird as hell. Cool. Tell a friend.

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A COUPLE ROUGHNECKS TIPPED ME OFF TO THIS ONE EARLIER TODAY: The “Jawa CZ Archive” over on ISO50. Rad shit. Do not miss this.

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01. Idaho - Bayonet
02. Golden Smog - Down By The Old Mainstream
03. Steve Earle - I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
04. Richmond Fontaine - Clearcuts
05. Danava - Hemisphere of Shadows
06. Megafaun - Megafaun

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Dude whatever you do don’t get the bridge!

I’m your age, had one go south exact as yours. Had it ripped out ninja style last year.

Sprung for the most expensive fuckin expensive bridge (did i mention expensive) AND I NEVER. EVER. WEAR. IT. Feels like a damn telephone pole is in your mouth.

Posted by: fred on 08/03/11 at 5:27 PM
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