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DJ MIKE 2600 GETS US UP TO SPEED: Remember those incredible Olympic stamps from a couple days back? Well Mike Davis came in hot this morning with this little link: The Legendary illustrator Bob Peak!

Here’s a link to Bob’s site! Much respect, sir.

Learn something from this guy. Color, pacing, negative space, linework, realism…so much to savor. Wow. Learn from the masters, you little pukes.

- - - -

I DON’T WHY I DO THIS: I’ll get links sent in, from good people out there, and I’ll go lurk around through the pages, mouthbreath all over them, and then, like big ol’ dumb ass, sit on them and let them go cold. I don’t get it. Well here’s another jam-packed link from some time ago, that I forgot to post, and the thing’s kinda chilly. Hell, you might’ve even seen it? Sorry, if that’s the case.

Portland buddy Tyler Lang from the effervescent Always With Honor sent this link in right here, and let’s warm it up with some clicks!

Go: “US Army Patches & Crests.”

Get in there and dig on these threads. Incredible stuff. My favorite of the bunch.

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WHAT WE WENT AND SAW: …back when the week was young: The Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Just go. Figure it out.

- - - -


01. Gillian Welch - The Harrow and the Harvest
02. Califone - Roots & Crowns
03. The Whip - Unreleased EP
04. Archers of Loaf - Icky Mettle
05. The Seeds - The Seeds
06. Danava - Hemisphere of Shadows (!!!)
07. Richmond Fontaine - The High Country
08. Battles - Gloss Drop
09. Grinderman - Grinderman
10. Megafaun - Megafaun

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Cave of Forgotten Dreams in 3D!

Posted by: leigh McKolay on 07/28/11 at 10:16 PM

I am Thomas Peak, son of illustrator Bob Peak. There is a new book on THE ART OF BOB PEAK being published available this Fall 2011. Log onto www.bobpeak.com for “Pre-Release Special Discount Offer.”

Posted by: Thomas Peak on 08/06/11 at 11:10 AM
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