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July 21, 2011
In Littleton, Waylon Lives
Posted at 09:51 AM


LIKE A DUMBASS, I LET THE WEEKS SLIP BY: And here I go again. Forever ago, our buddy Bill Zindel sent this little link in, we got fired up, and then sat on it, and it froze over. Hell, Maybe you’ve seen it? Hard to say.

We’ll give it a shot: “Waylon Jennings Is Still Alive In Littlefield, Texas.”

There you go. Good call, Bill. You find all the boss links, and thanks for firing them up the pipe to Portland from El Cerrito. Always feeling good about ‘em.

- - - -


01. Waylon Jennings - Dreaming My Dreams
02. Waylon Jennings - Honkytonk Heroes
03. Waylon Jennings - Ramblin’ Man

There is One Comment

What a find! Dreaming My Dreams, holy hell makes me miss Austin.

Posted by: Will Bryant on 07/29/11 at 1:44 PM
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