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April 04, 2011
And Keep You Brave And Strong
Posted at 11:22 AM


BEST THING WE’VE SEEN ALL SPRING: Our so-called “partner in business” David Nakamoto goes to CanCun, then hops a ride down to some beach hamlet for a week of fishing, eating, sleeping and nothing much else. I’m not gonna clutter this one with words. Let his photos do the talking. Heavily recommended.

- - - -

HEAVY WORDS ON A HEAVY DAY: Leigh’s got a moving post up. Whoa. I’ll refrain from saying much more, either. Respect.

- - - -

HERE’S AN AWESOME ONE: Sent in by Chris Streger, who we worry about. He’s operating out of NYC, and man, that town can eat a guy up. Be careful out there. Oh yeah, the link: USA Soda! Just right, man, just right. This one and this one!

Hey Rose, you prick, imagine a ‘“Sixer” of these in the ice chest, for those hot pipes of yers?

- - - -

DOWN IN THE DESERT, LASTING FOREVER: Colin Wilson finds a link where it looks like the good people of Eight Hour Day visit Vegas’ incomparable Sign Graveyard and post an incredible Flickr set about it. So much history in there. They rip, and so does that graveyard. Thanks for sending in, man!

We hit that sucker up back in 2007, and are still high off it. Sunbaked greatness.

- - - -

WITHIN SIGHT: Texas, we’re but a couple days out! Austin’s very own Creative Workers Union presents, “DDC vs. Austin: Tall Tales From A Large Man.”

Getting very fired up. Handed the poster off on Friday. Settled the Pantones this morning with Bart. Thanks, buddy. Check the old Houston Oilers logo above! You bet yer armadillo that’s on that poster. Oh yes.

Now that the shop’s all moved over, I can focus on the presentation I will be giving to the growing horde of Austinites. Come one, come all. Let’s pack it in and get real orange. Matters regarding: Tall tales, independence, challenge over adversity, setting the record straight, clearing the air, proof, love, hate and doing whatever the fuck it takes to survive in the cutthroat world of contemporary graphic arts. It ain’t easy, but be manage.

Be there. Tell a friend. Drive out to West Texas, find a group of ranch hands and tell them about it. Could be a nice break from the range. You know, the deer and antelope and all that? You guys are invited, too.

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01. Townes Van Zandt - First Album
02. And You Will Know Us By The Trail OF Dead… - Worlds Apart
03. Mike Watt - Hyphenated-Man
04. Death - Spiritual - Mental - Physical
05. Dead Child - Attack

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