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July 19, 2010
Thunder Express
Posted at 06:20 PM


DETROIT’S FINEST: It’s always good to go back and check out those old MC5 photos.

Got Detroit on the mind, starting up a poster for that speaking gig next month. My mind goes right to that MC5. My mom tells me stories of seeing them, and the Stooges, and Mitch Ryder, and a very young Bob Seger. My mom.

Let this one fire you up some.

Or fuck, this one: Actual Department of Defense Surveillance Footage of the Revolutionary MC5.

I’m talking about unity, brothers and sisters!

- - - -

NO BARCODE TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE: “Graphi Deluxe” on No Barcode. Hell yeah. Look at that box, then think about what you’d find on the shelves today. Let the blood boil. Mine does. Good snag, man!

- - - -

STARTING HIM WHEN HE’S YOUNG: Sometimes we wear pants. Sometimes we wear sweatpants. Sometimes, we sit here in our boxers. Lots of scenarios. Here’s my nephew Oliver, in his very first pair of sweat pants. I even snipped the gathered bottoms off, just like Uncle Aaron does. Sweatpants. Ball room. Free and easy. Real gross.

- - - -

WE WERE JUST TALKING ABOUT THIS, RIGHT?” That Mayflower logo, and wouldn’t you know it, they go and change it. In a bad away. Imagine that. Fuuuuuck.

- - - -

WISH I WOULDA THOUGHT OF THAT: “Dipsticks (The Humans)” 2008 by Nick van Woert. Really interesting works of art by Mr. van Woert. Dig around in there. We dig!

- - - -

fn_county_fair_colors.gif AMERICAN STATES, IN THE UNITED KINGDOM: The Paperie brings our Field Notes County Fair summer collection to the U.K.! We’re down with that.

Wish I was there to help out: “Field Trip: Monona County Fair (Part 3)” and “Field Trip: Monona County Fair (Part 4).” Holding it down on the Iowa/Nebraska border!

- - - -


01. Calexico - Scraping (Live)
02. Men At Work - Business As Usual
03. MC5 - High Time
04. MC5 - Back In The USA

There is One Comment

What a shame. I’ve always loved the Mayflower logo. Just the other day I was driving by a big truck & thought how rad it is & always was.

Reminds me of the Bank of America logo. Super good before & “updated” it’s poopy. Even has the same feel, I wonder if the same people did it….

Posted by: scott on 07/21/10 at 11:11 AM
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