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July 26, 2010
Junkin' Primer
Posted at 02:19 PM


Here’s some of the treasures spotted at a handful of estate sales this weekend. Just a little primer for August, and any junk possibilities therein. Gonna be all over that Midwest, so I gotta be on the ball. Estate sales, garage sales, junk stores, whatever. Maybe even a couple days on the World’s Longest Yard Sale, if I can swing it.

Get dirty with us. Here goes: Junkin’ Report, July 2010.

- - - -

OLD GREATNESS AT FAIR PRICE: Taylor P delivered an HTML suckerpunch on the 23rd, sending us this incredible link here: Three Potato Four Sign Shop.

Usually, when you see a collection like this, the prices are through the roof. That’s not the case here. The stuff is priced to move, which is incredible, and still doesn’t seem real. Some of it is the real McCoy, and other things are done by a local sign painter they collaborate with. We’re down with both. Thank you. Incredible collection!

A-B-O-U-T!!! (Thank you to Taylor P for sending this one in. Much appreciated.)

- - - -

SMOOTH MOVES: Check out these incredible ’80s Porsche ads over at the incomparable ISO50.

- - - -

I WAS TOO OLD FOR THEM AT THE TIME: But I remember thinking, “These are pretty cool.”
Here’s what we are talking about: Madballs.

I just wonder how many “Madballs to the face” took out good American kids over the years? Prob’ly a staggering number. I know this much regardin “getting hit in the face with toys” situations: I got hit in the eye with a hard-edged Ms. Piggy rubber figurine, and won’t forget that one anytime soon. Her sharp little pig ear connected with the yolk of my eye. I think it was my little sister Sarah who chucked it from across our toy room. Hard to say.

- - - -

LEIGH FOUND THIS ONE: Mr. Bill Callahan and musical constituents on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert.

- - - -


01. Centro-Matic - Distance and Clime
02. Cows - Orphan’s Tragedy
03. Goodwill - Predictable Parabola
04. Gordon Lightfoot - Complete Greatest Hits

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