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MADE IT OUT OF THE CITY: At the “early hour” of 1 PM. Sure, I talk a big game about leaving at “the crack of dawn” and all that, but hell, it’s not easy leaving the homebase for this much time, or hell, any amount of time.

Mom, Gary and I pushed off this afternoon, heading for the Ore/Ida border.

Gonna head back to that Midwest for for a month or more, working out of their living room, adventuring, sleeping in, eating square meals, telling my story in Detroit, a mission to Minneapolis, a couple days on the World’s Longest Yard Sale and general riff raff.

We decided on I-80 for the bulk of the trip. There’s three interstates to pick from: I-94, I-90 and I-80. Done them all so many times. Those get me across the Northern United States. Thank you, Mr. Eisenhower. I-84 today, pushing towards I-80 over there in Utah.

See ya, Portland.

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