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July 04, 2010
Crater Lake Freedom Day
Posted at 10:39 PM


Spent the night in a megamart parking lot last night, freezing. Dropped down to 37š. Lots of fun.

Got up, had a nice breakfast at the West Side then shot down to Crater Lake.

The place is beautiful. That’s our review. Go see it. That’s our challenge to you. There you go.

We spent three hours there, then drove back to Portland. Big day out. A nice break from all this riff raff.

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maybe you saw us broken down on the side of the road near medford that day. had a tire blow-out on our way down to oakland, ca. have been meaning to get to crater lake for a while now. i think we’re going to stop by there on our way back up to seattle next week. the native myths of its creation are pretty cool:


Posted by: trnsnd on 07/07/10 at 1:11 AM
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