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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 16, 2010
Whistle While You Work
Posted at 02:52 PM


WE’RE ASKING FOR YER HELP ON THIS ONE: I need a good portable radio. Any ideas? Something sweet I can drag around the house, or out into the yard, etc. I know you guys know the hot shit. Cough it up. Leave a comment! Help!

- - - -

I’M WHISTLIN’ RIGHT NOW: Florida’s very own Janeen Smith tips me off on a cool upcoming poster show called, “America at Work: Art and Propaganda in the Early 20th Century.” I’d love to check that one out! These posters instantly make me INCREDIBLY thankful for what I’m so lucky to do. Man. Freaks me out. So lucky to get away with this stuff, considering the state of things. Thank you, world. And thank you, Janeen!

Here’s a little more on the deal from Mr. Heller.

- - - -

WE SAW THEM UP CLOSE, AND THEY WERE GREAT: Always With Honor’s Elsa made the greatest little set of “One of a kind original designs hand embroidered and framed in 5” finished wooden hoops.” Buy them!

- - - -

IT’S SUMMER: Hit the road, man! Here’s a little link to get you on a one-way course to Yellowstone. Mom and Dad just passed through there, and I find myself wanting to go and actually spend a couple days there. Not just whip through it like a dick, like I always do. Anyhoo, dig into this one: “Vintage U.S. Parks Posters.” (Sent in by Chicago correspondent D. Schille, and we thank him for exemplary linkage.)

I’m drawing up plans for some kind of summer mission. Something. That van is hitting the road at some point in the next 10 weeks. A threat for you.

- - - -

THIS WEEKEND: Building the other set of shelves in the garage. No links for this one. Just some motivational verbage I’ve been telling myself: “Build the goddamn shelves, already. And fix the rain gutter, too!”

- - - -

ALL THIS DIGITAL SHIT IS STARTING TO FREAK ME OUT: Even more so, after watching some good ol’ fashioned screenprinting going down. Here’s what I watched: A little movie from Canada, printing up a poster for a Misfits show… “Misfits at the Pyramid.” We dig! Thick inks on durable fibers. Makes me miss my screenprinting days at MCAD. How lucky we were to have those facilities! (Printed, and sent in by Craig from Guppy Design up there. Thanks, Canada!)

- - - -


01. Red House Painters - Old Ramon
02. Jon Wayne - Texas Funeral
03. Deer Tick - The Black Dirt Sessions
04. Tobacco - Fucked Up Friends

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We have a Model One and a PAL. Both really solid. Sound great too.

Posted by: Benschomatic on 06/16/10 at 3:54 PM

Love the Misfits poster video which then led me to the Jumbo Show Posters website. Gonna have to save my pennies and make a real poster for something soon.

Posted by: Jaimie on 06/16/10 at 4:02 PM
Posted by: Lesley on 06/16/10 at 5:50 PM

I’ve seen this Dewalt in action… solid and reliable, projects good sound. Definitely ready for a day out in the yard.


Posted by: jonathan on 06/16/10 at 8:36 PM

Yo, Draplin- I have been meaning to drop you a line for some time. I was recently in Portland and linked up with my man David Burn. I saw that poster you created with all your work, and I was like “I gotta get me one of those, that is freaking Dope!” Amazing stuff, Mr. Draplin. At any rate, I was checking your site again today and saw you were asking about a radio so I thought I would chime in. You should hook up a Grundig FR-200. It has a crank so that the radio can work on recycle power and it also takes batteries. It has an analog dial for tuning radio stations, so no digital tuner, but I like the old school feel. Its a great radio, and it also has a mini flash-light on it.
I suppose it is more an emergency radio, but I rock it all over my house and yard.
You are the man, Draplin - keep up the great work and commentary. We should meet up next time I am in town. Bright Days. ev

Posted by: Evil Vince on 06/17/10 at 6:49 AM

The portable radios in the NPR shop have always seemed like a safe bet. I mean, c’mon, this one even has a little astronaut on it Grundig G6 Buzz Aldrin Edition.

Posted by: Aaron Bouvier on 06/17/10 at 7:59 AM
Posted by: John Long on 06/17/10 at 8:10 AM

Sure is quiet in here.

I don’t own one so I can’t personally vouch for sound quality, but I’ve heard good things about Tivoli, and I definitely like their style:


Might not be great for the outdoor activities, though.

I’ve also never been disappointed by anything made by Panasonic. Kicks Sony’s butt every time.

Posted by: James on 06/17/10 at 9:17 AM


Posted by: tim on 06/18/10 at 1:01 PM

i’m gonna second the altec lansing ipod docs. i had the inmotion 600(i think) and it was awesome. had a built in rechargeable battery that lasted for like 6-8 hours. was decently loud, had good sound and also an FM tuner. the only problem was that it wasn’t iphone compatible, an iphone works on it, but it won’t charge an iphone. but i’m sure the new altec lansings probably work with iphone.

i’ve also got a tivoli model one, but we got a hook up on those at the office one time and i got it for free. it sounds super nice, but it’s damn pricey for just being an am/fm radio with no ipod dock.

Posted by: puck on 06/18/10 at 1:11 PM

Also recommend the Tivoli Audio. Great little radio.

Posted by: Jesse on 06/18/10 at 5:03 PM

If you happen to own a Milwaukee cordless drill, this is for sure the way to go (it runs on the same rechargeable batteries as the drills). It’s not super portable at 22lbs, but is built like a tank and if you knock it off of a shelf or your roof, for that matter, it will be just fine. It gets as loud as you would want and has an aux in for your iPod. Not the cheapest, but pretty bad ass… and how can you not love that Milwaukee logo?!

Milwaukee 28-Volt Lithium-Ion Job Site Radio


Posted by: Matt on 06/28/10 at 4:01 PM
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