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UP ABOVE: Another treasure from Murray’s Archive. No idea what Maars is.

- - - -

SOME NICE LOGO ACTION HERE: The work of Joseph Blalock. Digging this bird here for “Raising Texas.” Nice work, man!

- - - -

FULLY BACKING THESE: Those Lacie Rugged Hard Disks. These things are saving my ass on the road, and at home. Wrapped in orange stuff. Tough. Back it up, then back it up, then, just to be sure, back that shit up. There you go.

- - - -

KING OF THE BREEDS, AT A BIG PRICE: A Danish Modern Long Dog “piece” for yer collection. They’re calling it a “Kay Bojesen Danish Modern Jointed Teak Dachshund Pind.” Phew, what a fuckin’ mouthful. Too rich for our blood. We’re settling with a couple screengrabs. Good bidding, dog breath. (Kale Gray sent this one in.)

- - - -

fn_county_fair_colors.gif DON’T MISS OUT ON THESE: Field Notes COLORS: ‚€œCOUNTY FAIR‚€ 50 Editions! We’ve got everyone of our 50 great states represented. Even Arizona. Get it going, citizens!

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BEEN ENTERTAINED BY THIS ONE, ALL MORNING: Fun On Stage With Bob Weston IV of Shellac: Part 1.

- - - -

I’M IN NEED OF A COUPLE LESSONS: Especially from Mr. Trainer. Another reason to throw it all away out here, and move back to those Twin Cities.

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01. Mastodon - Blood Mountain
02. Cheap Girls - My Roaring 20s
03. Mark Olson - The Salvation Blues
04. The Pretty Things - Get The Picture

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Hello Aaron,

It is MAARS, not MARRS.

Here it is:


Posted by: Jur on 07/01/10 at 11:00 AM
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