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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 21, 2010
Handheld Radio Waves
Posted at 02:28 PM


GOOD, CLEAN FUN: Retro Atari design that may or may not be real, or coming out soon, or some kind of spoof or who know what. Pretty fun to look at, though. Get in there. (From the Vin of the LaVecchia’s.)

- - - -

THIS ONE IS A GREAT WAY TO START OFF THE WEEK: A colorful little set called “Crayon Cuties.” We can always use “more color” so this one is welcomed. (Thank you to Todd Turner of the Turner Design Co. for sending in this one. Good eye, man!)

- - - -

I WAS DRIVING BY SHIPPING CRATES JUST 30 MINUTES AGO: Shipping crate shelves from Euroland. Expensive, but pretty cool. I saw this on FFFFound and I think I’m supposed to be ashamed of that. Yawn. Hard to say.

- - - -

THOUGHT IT WOULD BE COOLER: But it wasn’t. American Scary, a little documentary about monster movie hosts. I don’t know. I was excited, then wasn’t, and fast. So we started Ken Burns’ Mark Twain to battle the squirming.

In Traverse City we had Deputy Don who dids a local kid’s show. As darkness took hold of Northern Michigan, he transformed into a rather unscary Count Zappula. Still creeped out by that guy. His name was Dan Melvoin. Sweet last name.

- - - -

AFTER MUCH RESEARCH, SPECULATION, SWEATING AND HASTE: This is the little radio I settled: That Grundig G6 Aviator Buzz Aldrin Edition Shortwave Radio. Bought it from The Shack on Sandy. It got great reviews, has a ominous rubbery matte black finish and sounds great in the basement and garage. Hell yes. Nice and small and way nerdy. You can listen to air traffic control if you are feeling really lonely. Thanks to all the radio-waved bastards who sent in tips and suggestions. Appreciated!

I’ll be listening to Coast to Coast tonight. You can bet on that one. Tonight’s about Time Travel! Fred, come over and we’ll listen to it, you dick. Doublestack.

- - - -

WHEN I GOT INTO WORK, THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE WAS DISCUSSING: HTML 5. No idea what they are talking about. Nice colors, if anything. JP, just figure the shit out and continue to slay.

- - - -


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There Are 3 Comments

Nice shortwave! I dig the astronaut icon on it… This is the rig I settled on…


I use it live at my music shows sometimes, so I needed one that had a big analog knob to twist! The retro styling was a nice plus…

Posted by: trnsnd on 06/21/10 at 3:56 PM

Shortwaves=hell yes. I can’t pick up much of anything over here without at least 15 feet of antenna though. There’s a decent listening guide here: http://www.naswa.net/swlguide/

Posted by: Patrick on 06/21/10 at 5:38 PM


In case you really wanted to know!



Posted by: Tim Winters on 06/21/10 at 8:34 PM
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