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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 15, 2010
Free-Style Self Defense
Posted at 12:18 PM


TAG AUTORETTUNG WARNUNG: 1,636 German Pulp magazine covers. ScheiĆŸe! But mainly, from the American Wild West, or some idea of it.

Germany. A conflicted place. Lose yerself in some of their old pulp.

- - - -

LETHAL WITH HIS HANDS: Todd Weeks will kick yer ass, and, write a scary-ass, oddly-effective musical score. Get in there, you bastards, and go hand-to-hand with this guy, in his basement. Brandon Rike fully endorses the “Weeks Brand” of ass-kicking. As do we. Boss link, B.

- - - -

HERE’S A LINK FOR BRY, BACK HOME: Retirement’s done, man! It’s game time, brother. Check out some of the sweet skillz in this upholstery gallery right here: Nate Von Hofwegen, upholstery wizard. Some sweet moves in there. (This link was sent in by Nate Garn, and man, thanks for years of awesomeness.)

- - - -

A GRAYSCALE LIFE: Sometime you gotta take matters into yer own hands and make it happen. Here’s an incredible article about just that: “Maine’s Randy Regier.” A good read. What’s really getting me is the “greyscale-ness” of the guy’s shop, and what a cool idea that is. Odd, really. Like someone “desaturated” the whole joint, except for the guy’s head. Interesting idea.

Here’s the link to the NuPenny store, in the other Portland on that Eastern seaboard. Be sure to take the tour.

This link, people, just might be the best link on this site all year. It’s got the kind of DNA that could change a life: Sometimes you just gotta make it happen.

(Thank you, Avantaggio. Great, great stuff.)

- - - -

DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT SOCCER: But do appreciate the rebranding of those Portland Timbers. They did this for folks like Chuck Pearce! Hell yes.

I think it’s a good solution, and am glad they finally got around to updating the thing. It needed it. One kid wrote in and said, “I wish you guys would have done it.” That meant a lot. I would’ve loved to take a axe swing at that thing. Of course! But hell, it looks good, so, be glad they didn’t fuck the thing all up. That happens enough out there.

- - - -


01. Misfits - Static Age
02. Thee Oh Sees - Warm Slime
03. Black Keys - The Big Come Up
04. The Who - Who’s Next

There Are 5 Comments

How about that Warm Slime, huh? Awesome album.

Posted by: Tom O'Toole on 06/15/10 at 1:05 PM

Todd Weeks is surely going to win man of the year.

Posted by: Alex Penny on 06/15/10 at 9:17 PM

hey dude, noticed misfits were playing…
we printed a poster for them for the show here in Winnipeg… http://www.vimeo.com/12427765

also this is my favourite link ever i think…


Posted by: craig m on 06/16/10 at 6:11 AM

Come on now, Mr. Draplin. You and I both know that you’re being generous with regard to that new Timbers mark. I couldn’t give two fucks about soccer either, but I would have hoped for something that didn’t feel like every other run-of-the-mill sports logo out there. Might as well be Oklahoma City, Memphis, or Houston. Sports identity has lost its regional appeal and has become homogenized in the name of “the league”. Sure, this could have been worse. But it should have been so much better.

Posted by: Eric Hillerns on 06/16/10 at 11:02 AM

Whooo Hooo, I got a mention by the DDC!

I think the new logo is good, I like the text and the axe. Very american sports logoey. The chevrons that pop out on the sides are a little weird, maybe has to do with Burgerville being a sponsor, those are logo love handles from fast food. Which relates well to guys of girth like me.

There is a shitstorm going on about the logo over at soccercityusa dot com. The core “supporters group” the Timbers Army protested at last nights match, they went silent for 10 min, it was kind of nice.

Posted by: Chuck Pearce on 06/16/10 at 1:53 PM
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