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THIS ONE IS KILLING ME: ACL is at Brimfield, and man, those photos are making me salivate. I think Rose is there, but it’s not like he’d tell anyone.

Dale and Jess, we should be there with the van, kicking the shit out of that place. Goddammit. Big hole in my heart, regarding Brimfield. Just hurts to ever write that.

We’ve got Brimfield on the mind, in a bad way.

- - - -

BEST PART OF YESTERDAY: “Holding my nephew, little Oliver.”

All small with quivering. Little breaths. Stretching arms. So new and innocent and without a mean bone in his little body. Complete trust in his mother’s voice and skin. He started to cry, Leah picked him up, spoke to him, and he quieted down. This, in a mere three days on the outside.

Holding him, just staring at that little nose, I just want to fuckin’ cry. I don’t know what it is. I’m just so relieved he’s healthy and mom and dad are doing good and all that.

Maybe that could be my new thing: Each day, a good, long wallowing cry? Just howling, all wet and slobbery, right here in the shop. Nakamoto holding me? Big hankerchief in the back pocket for blowing my nose into, etc. Get in touch with part of myself reserved for holding newborn babies.

No idea what I’m talking about. Cosmic stuff, people.

- - - -

BIG, BEAUTIFUL NUMBERS: Our 1973rd Twitter follow signed on last night! Kind of a big number for us. That’s a lot of folks to sweat! Anyhoo, we’re reaching out to that follower and will be announcing their winning kit soon enough. Welcome aboard!

- - - -

FOOTWEAR ACTION: We got our own pair of kicks designed up for the us in the “AirMax1-a-Day Gallery” by Mr. Matt Stevens. Flattered as hell. Nike, eh? I’ve heard of them. They do the shoes here in the Northwest.

I’ve dabbled in a little Nike in the last couple years. Here’s the latest thing I made, a couple summers ago, which are all over the place now: The type lockup for the Stefan Janoski Nike SB kicks. But let me very clear, I was directed by Michael Leon and Damien Triplett, with a little spice from Lovejoy too. Nice group of folks who really know how to get the job done. Proud of this one!

Size 11, fellas, siiiize 11…

Back to Stevens, and his daily project. I really dig this kind of stuff. Be it Hische’s “Daily Drop Cap” deal or that whole “Make Something Cool Every Day” thing that was going around awhile back. Great stuff. I just appreciate the effort, guts and free spirit behind stuff like this. We got the skills inside to not only make something cool each day, but I’d wager, 10 cool things a day. Today, I made 10 things easily, well before these words went to press. Small things, but big to me.

Like Bendall said a couple days back: “This is game time, do your best.”

Right there with you, Made in Oklahoma/Big In Japan!

- - - -

WAY EXCITED FOR THIS ONE: Cooking up some intense summer stuff for Field Notes! Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, we’re in the United Arab Emirates now! Incredible.

- - - -


01. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - I See A Darkness
02. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang - The Wonder Show…
03. Polvo - In Prism
04. Girls Against Boys - Cruise Yourself
05. Flaming Lips - Hit To Death In The Future Head (Volume= Loud.)

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i have definitely done the wake up at 4 AM to get there just as they’re pulling the tarps off the tables at brimfield a few times. the experience is unparalleled, mindblowing really.

they have EVERYTHING. it’s huge, but that also inspires the whole people who know too much about their shit and think it’s worth more than it is vibe that goes along with that scene. not too many buried treasures to be found but lots of treasures in general. good haggling!

you’re supposed to wear a (homemade) shirt that says what you collect if you go, so vendors can spot you and people into similar stuff can chat you up. i love thinking about that scenario in several different ways.

Posted by: r cotton on 05/13/10 at 8:50 AM
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