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Settling back in after my Brimfield weekend. Got a mountain of photos to sift through, and as soon as I can, will post some proof up for viewing. The fish up above is “just a little taste” of what I rescued out there.

Brad’s in town and shit/hand-knit acrylic is hitting the fan. Might be going coastal, might be going up into those mountains. Might be in a studio somewhere, shooting pixels. Lots going down this week on the Coal front.

- - - -

HOLY PIEROGI: Santa Cruz’s very own, Eli Atkins, comes in playing a rippin’ Descendents riff, and graces the DDC with this incredible link: “Polish Movie Posters Gallery.” Get in there, ziomek!

- - - -

GOD BLESS THE LONG DOGS: Some Australian artist guy recreates the U.N. general assembly with a bunch of dachshunds. Now that’s what we call “art!” Just wouldn’t be the same with a bunch of whippets or goddamn golllllden laaaabs.

With the honorable Gary Longfellow Draplin representing the United States… (Sent in by longdog lovers Embry and Jeff. Thanks, fellas.)

- - - -

FOUND NUMBERS: Tons of incredible “found numbers.” Go through the pages some. Lots to see.

I could look at stuff like this all day long.

You gotta keep yer eyes open. These treasures all over out there. Tollways, parking garages, laundry receipts… (Bill Zindel, of course! Thanks, Nor Cal!)

- - - -

DO WHAT YOU CAN TO HELP OUT NASHVILLE: The good people of Heavy Wilderness made a poster, and have them for sale here. Scroll down a bit to see theirs. All proceeds go to flood relief. Get in there and give ‘em a helping hand!

- - - -

NEIR’S GOT HIS NEW SITE UP AND RUNNING: Neil Dacosta Photography. “Neir” in the opening line of the is link isn’t a typo. Lore is, he got the name when he went to Japan and no one could say “Neil.” It stuck. That’s how I know this guy. He’s saved my butt a number of times with photo stuff and general house help. Great work, man!

- - - -


01. Dinosaur Jr - Without A Sound
02. Fugazi - Steady Diet of Nothing
03. Harvey Milk - The Pleaser
04. The Soft Pack - s/t

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