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May 02, 2010
Good To Be Home
Posted at 08:36 PM


Good to be home.

Gary, I missed you! I missed that “urinal cake cologne” you have taken such a liking to. I missed that “hot trash on a hot day/dead earthworms” breath you maintain. You little beast.

A little math for you: Half Gary + Half Garylyzed = Still 100% cute.

I wrapped the little bugger in a towel and we laid around on the couch for some time today, regrouping our thoughts, realigning our frequencies. Rest, relaxation and a rowdy dachshund who has no problem jumping out of the towel, and down to the floor with a clumsy flop, and scooting across the floor at a moment’s notice. How the little man does it.

The illustration above is from Orlando’s Brian Nutt. I met him at a party after my little gig down there a couple weeks back. Hell of an illustrator, who took the time to “Gary it up” a bit and, well, yer seeing the fruits of his labor up above. We love it.

We added it to our “Gary Gallery” too, for the ages.

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