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IT’LL BE HARD SAYING GOODBYE: Today’s my last day of Week Two of “guest bloggery” over at the Adobe INSPIRE site.

Thank you to Heimbuch for rolling the dice on me, Orr for watching over my posts and saving my but with typos and, while we’ve got the floor, we’d like to thank Seetharaman Narayanan for basically having the coolest name to wonder about while waiting for Adobe Photoshop to load up. In the old days, you had to wait for the program to open up, and that name always kept me strong during the wait. So Seetharaman you pixel wizard, and the entire Adobe enterprise at large, we thank you for making incredible products that allow me do basically whatever I want, all day long, on laptop or big rig machine. You guys are going places. Call it a hunch! Thanks.

- - - -

YEAH, THAT TWITTER THING: Twitter. You might’ve heard it? We’re on there and we’re rapidly approaching our favorite followers number. That would be “1973,” for obvious reasons. We’re at 1927 adventurous followers as this thing went to press, so get on board with the official DDC Twit Feed and…win a prize.

Whoever is the 1973rd follower will win a mystery gift, courtesy of the Draplin Design Co., filled with “shit you need” and “shipped right to yer doorstep.” Just for following us. On this Twitter thing. Good luck. Get it going.

- - - -

THESE THINGS ALWAYS FREAK ME OUT: Scott Leverenz comes in real hot with a cool little link about the “History of the Fallout Shelter Sign Design.” What’s incredible is, you still see them out there, the originals, and the design is still sound and pretty “unmessed-with” since those paranoid ’50s and ’60s. Scary stuff. My mom had told me about the drills and stuff she’d do in class as a kid. So weird.

I grew up scared shitless of things like “MX Missiles” and images of “Jason Robards shuffling through some apocalyptic downtown setting, with skin hanging off his skull” etc. Still am, really.

- - - -

DAN MAC ALWAYS FINDS THE COOL SHIT: And man, get a (down)load of this one: The Sign Painter, a documentary!

Jeff Canham’s gonna be in it. So awesome. Old pal from my “days on the beach in San Juan Whateverstrano” down south.

I’m just gonna say it right now: When this vector shit I’m doing goes to pot, I’m gonna get a job sweeping up the shop for a sign painter. Best stuff going. Yer days are numbered, die-cut vinyl industry!

- - - -

SPEAKING OF “FREEHAND SIGNAGE MASTERY” CHECK THIS ONE OUT: Savannah, Georgia’s finest locksmith! So good. Check out their “secondary signage” offering! And man, you just can’t argue with 127 of service. Cherish this. (Thank you to Tampa’s John Allen for the eagle eye, and for sharing. Awesome stuff.)

- - - -

NO IDEA WHERE TO START WITH THIS ONE: The kind of link that you click and go, “Holy hell, that’s a lot to check out in one place…” Chromeography, people. Like 1,000 gems to look at or something.

Here’s the first one we clicked. Incredible. (Sent in by Bill Zindel, and we send thankful waves down the coast to Nor Cal.)

- - - -

BY WAY OF ORLANDO: Thomas Scott had this to say regarding our little half-ass rant about the “new” United Airlines logo from a couple days back: “Mr. Shawn Wolfe knows the score.” We concurr!

- - - -


01. Jayhawks - Hollywood Town Hall
02. Sun Kil Moon - April
03. Casey Neill - Goodbye To The Rank And File
04. Glaciers - And The Sea Won The Battle
05. Guided By Voices - Sunfish Holy Breakfast
06. Part Chimp - Chart Pimp

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in the old days?!?! bwahahahahha!!!!!!

i can go get a cup of coffee in the time it takes my adobe cs4 suite to load in the morning! but i still wouldn’t give it up. i just get bummed about the every six months upgrade thing. i can still do 90% of what I need to do in photoshop 7.

Posted by: trnsnd on 05/08/10 at 5:38 PM
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