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TRYING TO KEEP MY COMPOSURE: So a couple days back, in a moment of sorta-leisurely downtime, I came across this little nugget. I guess Continental and United Airlines are merging, and man, what an opportunity to regenerate, and start the thing up with some incredible, progressive airline identity to carry us all into the future, right? I was so excited to see what they’d come up with.

Well, that ain’t the case. Check out how these turds “solved this one.”

Mr. Bass, we’re sorry as hell.

I’m gonna miss that United tulip. Gone. Just like that. Wings snipped. Fuckers. My heart is broken, yet again. Just thinking about having to look at that shitfuck hybrid logo while stuck in an airport somewhere just makes me want to spit. That’s how we feel about it.

- - - -

WHAT WE’RE DOING TONIGHT: After our so-called “workday” is finished, we’re off to PSU for the “Be Honest” portfolio review. We’ll be offering up loose advice and general conversation. We’ve got some stern words for those little pups. Get ready!

And once the review is done, Jessica Hische is going to talk to the whole group about who she is and what she does. Namely, “type talk” we’d bet. Good stuff out of that girl. Big night out, Portland design community.

- - - -

WE LIKE THE SOUND OF THIS ONE: One Car Jam. This guy is living out of his car for the next three months, and will be writing all about it. We dig this kind of adventure. In fact, we’re jealous as hell over the whole thing. Good luck out there, brother! (Sent in by Chicago’s very own Steve Delahoyde.)

- - - -

BACK IN MINNEAPOLIS, ONE MAN ALONE COMMANDS THE THRIFT STORES: Justin Peddycoart’s “Things I Found At The Thrift Store” live action blog. Great stuff going on here. Smells like weird detergent, with wax crayon all over it. All sales final.

- - - -

WALK WITH US: Here’s a little visit to an incredible toy museum in the U.K. So much cool shit to check out in there. (Offered up by Ireland’s Alan Wall. Thanks, man!)

- - - -


01. The Hold Steady - Heaven Is Whenever
02. Sweet Apple - Love & Desperation
03. Monotonix - Where Were You When It Happened?

There Are 6 Comments

Mr. Shawn Wolfe knows the score:

Posted by: Thomas Scott on 05/05/10 at 9:57 AM

Agreed Draplin! I just checked out the link and the Continental/United mash-up is fucking horse-shit! Way to squander the chance to make something truly iconic and timeless. I never have liked the Continental logo. Looks like too many other “forgettable” corporate logos.

Posted by: Mike Kirkpatrick on 05/05/10 at 10:57 AM

What fools they are. They have a Saul Bass and they replace it with this shit.

Posted by: Tim on 05/05/10 at 12:18 PM

I saw that crap when I went into work on Monday. Made me puke in my mouth. Their reasoning was that it was a compromise between both brand identities. Never mind the fact that the Continental logo pretty much sucked to begin with and like you said, they passed up an amazing opportunity to create a new image. I think they may come around to something good eventually, I hope.

Posted by: William on 05/05/10 at 7:34 PM

You nailed the new United/Continental logo with “turd” cause that’s what it looks like. Pretty disappointing considering the thought and history of the United logo.

Posted by: Erik Wallace on 05/06/10 at 5:00 AM

What pile of crap the new logo is. What did they spend like 5 minutes on that. I wont fly them just on principle.

Posted by: Colin on 05/06/10 at 6:07 AM
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