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We were up early and out of Ann Arbor by 10am, zipping east on I-94 over to the city. We drove around all day, seeing all kinds of shit, making a quick visit to People’s Records, gazing over the void that once was Tiger Stadium, zipped around downtown, through the Heidelberg Project, up and down desolate neighborhood streets, a quick pierogi/pancake/sausage lunch in Hamtramck, drove past my Gramma Josie’s house on Artesian just off Tireman, found the apartment complex where Leigh began her life, found her grandparent’s Westland compound and took a spin past the house where I began my life, on Stout, just off Evergreen. That’s what you are seeing above. My little house. Barely remember it, from the first four years of my life.

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A LINK FROM MY PARTNER IN BUSINESS: Goo finds a cool Paul Rand piece. Thanks, man.

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You are literally steps from my front door in Detroit! People’s Records holds a healthy supply of great finds for my growing and quite possibly unhealthy record collecting obsession.

If you’re anywhere near Plymouth tonight then you should check out how Alfred Hitchcock directed Paul Newman in Torn Curtain at the Penn Theater. Cheap seats in a cool old theater with Newman and Hitchcock, you can’t miss.

Posted by: pmd on 04/22/10 at 6:03 AM
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