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Nebraska is a big state. Every cornhuskin’ mile we make is a well-earned mile chipped of this stretch of I-80. We left Cozad this morning, heading for that Wyoming border.

And late last night, we got a wild hair and did our best to make our very first “DDC File Hand-Off Checklist.”

You know, for that crucial moment right after the client approves the stuff, and it’s time to send it to them, or to a vendor, or wherever. Well, I always think I’m remembering everything, and then I’ll get some call from some yahoo in a prepress room somewhere whining about how they don’t have the latest version to open my file, or how I forgot to link something, or whatever the hell…which stops the process dead in the tracks.

So we fought back last night, and made a list.

Check it out over at the Adobe INSPIRE blog. Go there, with a click here: “DDC vs. ADOBE INTERNAL, Day 04 - DDC File Hand-Off Checklist.”

It’s a monster post. Quite a mouthful. Yikes. Hope you dig it.

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Hell, maybe the best record store in the entire Midwest, and continental United States, for that matter? Great prices, great selection. The last time Leigh and I rolled through Omaha, I broke the bank on this place, leaving the state with a stack of vinyl. Same thing today. So much cool shit. Dropped a couple C-Notes, and could care less. I got three Coctails records for 15 bucks! So awesome. So Archer.

Hell, I even found that Pavement Record Store Day fan tracklist thing that got snatched up so quickly on the big day. It’s going for 60 bucks on fleaBay now, and I got it for 15 bucks at Antiquarium. Thanks, fellas. Such a great shop.

Some of the other records I got today:

01. Reverb Motherfuckers - Route 666
02. TransAm - s/t
03. Jackonuts - s/t
04. Buffalo Tom - Birdbrain
05. Unrest - Perfect Teeth
06. Boss Hog - Girl+ EP

So locked in those early ’90s, and so contented!

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i read that checklist… do you have a downloadable copy of the one photographed here? Everyone does it differently I guess.- best tip.. change the name.. I’ve only done it twice, but i’ve converted all the copy to curves - save, then realize later that it was my only copy. Suck.

thx Draplin…

Posted by: Dennis on 04/29/10 at 3:34 PM

The Experience Design blog is defunct! Could you post a PDF of the checklist here? Thanks.

Posted by: Ben on 11/28/11 at 8:43 AM
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