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It’s wild in here today, and Marty is breathing down my neck.! To make matters steamier, George and Johan showed up from Seattle and they’re huddled around me collectively breathing on me. Real hot.

So I can’t get away with fuckin’ off today with all this so-called “official business” around me. We’re slaying it.

Just gonna make a list of all the cool shit coming up and currently in orbit around me, to give me a little blast of hope:

01. Seeing my mom for supper tonight.
02. Going to Orlando in eight days to rip it a new one. Fresh-squeezed!
03. Seeing The Soft Pack here in Portland next Wednesday.
04. My goddamn little sister’s baby shower this Sunday.
05. That Detroit mission, and subsequent baby shower in a couple weeks.
06. Hanging with Leigh in Michigan for a couple days. Warrior of Love.
07. Records showing up in the mail each day.
08. Being “owed a Telecaster” for a job I just wrapped up.
09. Casey Neill bringing his new disc I designed in. We did it. man! Looks great!
10. Whatever’s on Coast to Coast AM tonight. Remote viewing?
11. Seeing Willy on the cover of the Willamette Week! Bravo, man. So good.
12. Really really anticipating the new Hold Steady album.
13. Seeing Gary when I get home from work. Smells like a urinal cake.
14. Record Store Day next Saturday! I’ll be in Orlando on the war path.
15. Having mom and dad out here for “the baaaaaby” in May.
16. Tuning the Martin to a “D” to play along with the new Drive-By trucker songs.
17. Volatile Portland weather…and other Spring mysteries.
18. That new Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy album. Still loose, lazy and great.
19. Leaving the window open at night. Good sleeping weather.
20. Thinking you had a project done, and then learning you ain’t even close.
21. Hearing reports of Field Notes all over the J.Crew territories!
22. Having all the laundry done and fresh stack of boxers.
23. Driving the van around town, melting glaciers.
24. Dale’s fucking face.
25. Gray hair coming in on my bug medicine ball head.
26. Being officially in my “mid-to-late-30s.” Sweet.
27. Cory Grove, that little Cobra dick.
28. Mountains of Jess’ footage, coming together!
29. Painting updates from Fred.
30. A possible trip up to Seattle early next week.
31. Laughing out loud at a certain email laced with profanity. Awesome.
32. Being proud as hell President Obama is up on top. Respect.
33. Being glad that I haven’t thought about Bush in months.
34. All the “Cuspid Cleaner” orders that came in. Thanks, motherbrushers!
35. Being alive.

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Dude, many many late night pixels would not have been pushed without Coast 2 Coast. Long live Art Bell.

Posted by: DT on 04/09/10 at 6:43 AM
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