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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 19, 2010
Youthful Minds, Wrecked
Posted at 02:11 PM


It’s Friday and the place is buzzing with fresh, wide-eyed, youthful voices. Namely, a group of graphic designer-ish ladies from Minnesota, and a hardballin’ group of communication arts students from Chico State. They hit up all big, reputable design joints the last couple days, and this afternoon, they are slummin’ with the DDC. I’m fielding questions and doing my best to give them hope, in a weird-ass world. Lots of hot air going around, out of my big blowhole. Wrecking all those hopeful minds with my motherfuckin’ brand of bullshit. I believe the children are our future.

- - - -

GREAT VECTORS HERE: Always With Honor updates, and man, always awesome.

- - - -

OVER THE YEARS: Delta Airlines, over the years. An up and coming airline here in the states. Most uncomfortable seats an ass could ever be stuck with for five hours.

- - - -

SEVEN INCHES OF VERY COOL: An original Death single. Cool stuff. From a basement in Detroit, before you were born.

- - - -


01. Dexateens - Hardwire Healing
02. Monomen - Wrecker!
03. Bill Callahan - I Woke on a Whale Heart

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I’ve loved that Wrecker! cover for so long. Admittedly, I actually like Chantry’s design for this album more than the Reid Miles original it’s based on. It’s somewhat sleazy, therefore good.

Posted by: Al aka El Negro Magnifico on 03/20/10 at 5:58 PM

Nice Whitney Houston reference man, karaoke gold that one. Also, let me know if you want to know why I want to punch Bill Callahan in his stupid face.

Posted by: bendall on 03/20/10 at 10:34 PM

I was hoping you could help me. I’m trying to find the person who did the art work for the ride snowboard fleetwood line in 2005 featuring cowboy gunslingers. Enjoyed your site.

Posted by: Sergio San Pedro on 03/20/10 at 11:22 PM

As one of the ladies for Minneapolis, I am thankful for your words of wisdom. Hot air or not, you have confirmed that I cannot be passive in my plans for world domination, I mean, being successful designer. I am terrified but hopeful. Thanks for your honesty and forÔ€“realness. Happy to see you once again. Hope to see you in Minne one of these days.

Posted by: Sole Lander on 03/22/10 at 9:57 PM
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