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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 09, 2010
Dangerous Curves
Posted at 06:03 PM


WEIRD SHIT FROM NATURE: Things that probably make sucking sounds and and/or may bite the shit out of you. Weird. Get in real close to this stuff. Beautiful. Nakamoto found this one. Got pretty lucky.

- - - -

THERE WAS ONCE A MAN FROM NANTUCKET…: And maybe he knew Mike from Cincinnati, Ohio? Anyhoo, Mike came in wayyy hot this morning with a link to an old collection of Nantucket signs. His exact words, published right here for the world to read were: “Not a day-wrecker, but it will destroy some minutes.”

Man, after a couple clicks I might have to object. Some incredible stuff in there. Dig around. Wasted a good chunk of my day in there. Here, too! Signs, painted by hand. Incredible type. Dangerous curves! (Thanks, Mike! Made my whole day with this one.)

- - - -

BLACK THINGS, SCRUBBING: Just wait until you see our latest piece of DDC merch that came in tot he shop today. Once the ad is done, we are going to shove them right down yer throat. Remember this threat in the days to come.

- - - -

SOCIAL MEDIA, WITH A KNIFE: If you didn’t know, the DDC is on Twitter. You might’ve heard of it. It’s this digital feed thing there where you are limited to 140 characters in each little transmission. You should check it out. Kind of hot shit.

- - - -

KEVIN FRANKS, WE SALUTE YOU: Wilderness works on Giro stuff. Making ads and websites and icons and logos and stuff. Great group of people. One of the cats we got to work with Kevin Franks, and I’m just here to tell you: He’s a real stand up guy. He’s got some of the toughest hands I’ve ever seen. From riding bikes. Ballistic cyclist and family man. There you go. Our two cents. Give ‘em hell on the Easton side, man!

Oh yeah, he sent in a long, yellow link, and you shouldn’t miss it: Good work, Chiquita. Wild bananas. I’ve been collecting them off bananas for some time, and sure do appreciate the fun design.

- - - -


01. Pleasure Forever - Alter
02. Son Volt - Okemah and the Melody of Riot
03. The Band - Music From Big Pink

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