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February 03, 2010
Keep Old Tools Alive!
Posted at 05:25 PM


BIG, BEAUTIFUL DOWNLOADS: The absolutely incredible archive of old tool catalogs doing business as “Rose Antique Tools.” Incredible. Such an absolute wealth of American typography and grit. Thank you, sir.

Savor this stuff, people. Savor the beauty in the fact that some guy took the time to scan them in, make PDFs and upload them for tool enthusiasts. Hours and hours of time. Be thankful. I sure am. Fuckin’ incredible. Again, thank you. (Noah Lambert was kind enough to send this one, and deserves a pat on the back for the generosity. Thanks.)

- - - -

ABOUT TIME: SF takes on the turds with the signs. Kill ‘em with humor. Kill ‘em dead.

- - - -

THE GUYS WHO MADE XEROX, WELL, XEROX: Chermayeff and Geismar’s “The Dual Ladder.” (Thanks to Ryan Werth, this link is here for you to click. Thanks!)

- - - -

WARMS MY HEART, PAGE BY PAGE: Field Notes hits the big time on JCrew.com! I only got one question for ‘em: Which way to the big and tall section?

- - - -

FRANK WAS ON THE DDC FACTORY FLOOR: And so was Sturgill, no slouch in his own right. Frank Chimero came by and we shot the shit on just about everything and we’re here to tell ya: He’s a real nice fella. Big talent, people. He’ll be teaching the kids at PSU the next couple months under the watchful, wild eyes of Kate Bingaman-Burt. Lots of links.

DON’T MISS THIS ONE:An inside look at Frank Chimero.

- - - -

THERE’S NOTHING LIKE A NEW PAIR OF KICKS: “Red Wing 875 - Mens - 6-inch” Made in America, people. And I look goooood in ‘em! Truth hurts. You bet. Gonna break ‘em in all over Europe next week.

- - - -

LATE LAST NIGHT: The Hurt Locker with Leigh and Garold. Pretty damn good, but, uh, the best of the year? I don’t know if I’m backing those claims. But then again, what the hell do I know? I’m still hot for The Road. Pins and needles the whole time, though. Intense stuff.

- - - -


01. Richard Buckner - Since
02. Melvins - Houdini
03. Dinosaur Jr. - Whatevers Cool With Me “Sideways,” an all time favorite of the DDC.

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I like how they have the colored Field Notes at J Crew listed in the “kids” section. As an adult, I could never imagine using a brightly colored notebook, and I’m glad J Crew agrees with me.

Nice work.

Posted by: puck on 02/04/10 at 7:38 AM
Posted by: jfox/10e on 02/04/10 at 8:29 AM

I saw Field Notes in the latest printed catalog as well. Way go Aaron. I must say, I felt privileged have been a disciple since the early days. Keep up the great work.

Posted by: Tony on 02/04/10 at 12:50 PM

Someone say barns? Funny story, I was born in one….okay..i lie. I did, however, grow up on a farm with one, painted…uh…barn red with periwinkle shingles. I shit you not. Aaaaanyhoo…shot this one last summer….a few miles from my childhood stompin grounds. Thought I’d share.


Posted by: brent veak on 02/05/10 at 12:12 AM
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