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Got up early and caught a cab to the train station where we hopped a high-speed rail up to Milan. Fast as hell! Smooth sailing. Incredible.

In Milan we caught a connector train that took us up to Union buddy Martino’s town of Colico. Up Lake Como’s eastern shore, all the way up. Matteo from Twinex picked us up at the train station and shuttled us up the mountain to the Martino Fumagalli compound.

Little Giulietta was having a birthday party with all the little squirts from her class. 15 little Italian rugrats, running around and screaming, eating cake, going apeshit. So awesome. So loud. Happy Birthday, Giulietta! Seven!

We had a nice meal downtown after the party and called it a night, catching up on sleep in Martino’s guest house. This little town is something else. So beautiful.

Plus, I’m just glad to be back in “the town with the incredible stairs.” See above. My favorite part about coming here. Just incredible. Thank you, Colico.

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