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We had our final day in Rome today. I’ll be sad to leave.

I don’t get to play tourist too much. If I’m on a roadtrip in the states, that’s about as close as I get. But hell, more and more those days are about driving all day, and then holing up in some Motel 6 to address client requests. But hell, we’ve had five good days here in Rome. No riff raff. No sweaty calls. No threats.

Just me and the dame, pounding around the city, spending shiny, colorful Euro like they are going out of style.

I got myself a new wallet here in Rome. Orange! Imagine that. That’s one thing I splurged on. All of 40 Euro. Otherwise, I could give a fuck about the new European styles, shoes or whatever. Yawn.

Thank you, Rome. You were incredible.

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