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Hit a couple kick-ass estate sales today with Mom, Aunt Mary, Leah, Ewan and Leigh. Whole crew. Outnumbered by dames 2 to 1. Tough odds.

Highlight of the day was getting pulled over by a nice lady cop on 82nd, for talking on my mobile device.


Portland passed a law on January 1st outlawing the use of all mobile devices while driving. “Hands-Free.” Being the lawbreaker I am, there I was, just yapping it up with Jess about the goods he scored on the other side of town, and she spotted me, we locked eyes, I kinda smiled a hlafwit smile, and she started following me, on the came the lights and pulled me over in a Taco Bell parking lot. Busted. With my whole family as witnesses.

I quickly apologized and she let me off with a warning.

“Let me that be a lesson for you,” she says.

“Go eat a donut,” is what is was on mind. Just kidding. I fessed up for my shortcoming and so it goes. Lesson learned.

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That same thing happened to me when the law changed in California. I was very happy not to get a ticket. Getting busted like that always makes me feel like I’m eleven.

Posted by: Desi on 01/25/10 at 5:55 PM

That SWP logo is one of my favourites that I keep encountering during my house renovations. Love it.

Posted by: Jon Johnson on 01/25/10 at 7:11 PM

Willing to fight anyone who thinks this is not the best logo in the history of time. Great find!

Posted by: Kyle Fletcher on 01/26/10 at 7:49 AM

Hehehe…’Go eat a donut’, got a kick out of this. Funny story BTW.

Posted by: Meng on 01/28/10 at 8:10 AM
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