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January 14, 2010
Cold As Wisconsin Ice
Posted at 02:16 PM


DAYWRECKER WARNING: The Soda Pop Can Library.

I sure could go for a cold one of these, right about now.

I’ve had many a morning wrecked by this goddamn link. Get in there. Get sticky. Toss some back. You know the deal. Be glad shit like this exists. We are lucky to have it a couple clicks away. (That Wisconsin gangsta Haker sent this one in. One hard motherfucker. Cold as Wisconsin ice. Badger state, yo!)

- - - -

THIS ONE IS FOR DAD: I remember seeing a nice Porsche poster gallery some time back, but this one seems to be expanded some, and that takes the cake. Here you go.Over at the impressive A Time To Get. (Thanks, Andrew!)

- - - -

KING OF THE BREEDS: Someone went a made a “Long Dog Font” and who the hell knows what it says, but we are backing it. These guys: Languste Fonts. Cool stuff. (Breck Chumley sent this one in, and that’s pretty nice of him. From somewhere in America.)

- - - -


01. Chet Atkins - Chet Atkins and his Guitar
02. David Rawlins Machine - A Friend of a Friend
03. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - Comedown Fundown

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Thanks for the shout player.

Posted by: haker on 02/01/10 at 7:21 AM
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